Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Google Stuff

Thanks to Gmail, Google knows who you are e-mailing, what you are saying and it will store all your e-mails forever. Thanks to Google Talk,
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Google it : Rahul
Google knows who you are talking to and who your closest associates are. And if Gmail and Google Talk were not enough, because of Orkut, Google knows who sits in your circle of friends. Thanks to Google Search, Google knows what you are searching for on the Web, including the news, type of images and newsgroup access. Thanks to Google Video, Google knows what kind of risqué videos you like to watch. Thanks to Google Finance, Google knows what stocks and businesses you are interested in. Thanks to Blogger, Google knows what you rant about and what rants you like reading. Thanks to Google Maps, Google knows where your house is and where you are going. Thanks to Google Calendar, Google knows who you are meeting with, where you are going, and what you are busy doing. Thanks to Picasa, Google even knows what you, your family, and your best friends look like. Best of all, thanks to Google Desktop, Google has access to all your documents, images, files, and everything else on your hard drive. And when Google displays customised adverts based on the e-mails you receive and searches you make, and you happen to click one of them, Google knows the kind of things you are interested in